#1- People Are So Rude: My girlfriend and I go to see a movie, are complete A-holes.

#2- Stereotypical Italian Baker Show!: TLC is the worst, you guys.

#3- BLARDLARDL: In which an octopus murders me and steals my identity.

#4- YOU AEEEEEHHH: Hey, another movie set in Boston! HOO-RAY

#5- Shut the Fuck Up!:  This Wednesday at 8/7 Central, get ready to FUCKING LAUGH.

#6: ONG NOM NOM NOM: The internet MUST KNOW about this seagull.

#7: XMas in August: Santa is riding the subway. I say hello.

#8: 1-888-SEXTING-LAYDAYZZZ: Phone sex lines finally catch up to the zeitgeist.

#9: The Return of T-Saurus: Herpetological Curios Re-appear.

#10: There’s a Starman, Waiting in the Sky: The space sex tourism industry is a real problem.

#11: Pitchman
: My Dad may or may not be a creative genius.

#12: The Adventures of Captain Lasers, on Alien Planet 46: Pretty self-explanatory.

#13: THIS BEER?!: This beer is SO COLD. MMMM.

#14: Enabled.: Detailing the adventures in time of THE ENABLER.

#15: Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby: Some SEXY TIPS. For sex!

#16: OOFTA:
I catalog my trip into the heart of America.

#17: A Children’s Treasury of Creation Myths: Quetzalcoatl goes about creating mankind, encounters difficulty.

#18: Dickin’ Around:

#19: Can’t Go Anywhere Nice:
Me and my lady friend get fancy. Results occur.

#20: Manfriends Bar for Men: Things get manly.

#21: Oh. Baby: The adventures of Test-Tube baby.

#22: Cody, the Cop Who is Way Too Sensitive: Police-coppin’ isn’t a game for the weak-willed.

#23: Hold On to Your Butts
: Blockbuster movie time. Dinosaurs, mountains, etc.

#24: ‘Tis The Season: Dick Johnson returns, with some advice about the holidays.

#25: Friday Comics Holiday Spectacular!: OK, I’ll level with you. It’s not a comic. But it is SO SPECIAL, DUDES.

#26: People Like Us:
We may be running out of things to make reality TV shows out of.

#27: A Children’s Treasury of Creation Myths II: Gettin’ Down with the Greeks.

#28: Through Being Cool: A journey into hiptown.

#29: Eat My Sugar Cereal:
The hidden danger of corporate mascots.

#30: Team-Up: I defeat the specter of writer’s block with a collaboration.

#31: Snow Day:

#32: Street Philosopher: I get some serious thinking done. Featuring: Vomit.

#33: Eating Disorder: We join “Manfood Challenge” with Adam Foodman, already in progress.

#34: Christ on a Cracker: This whole God things gets sorted out, once and for all! Forever.

#35: We Have A Quorum: Time now to check in with our boys in congress. Pretty boring, I guess!

#36: THIS WEEK IN HISTORY: Science occurs.

#37: Classic Comics History That I Absolutely Did Not Make Up, No Sir: A totally accurate history lesson. You’re welcome!

#38: As Seen on TV: Truth in advertising.

#39: Sharp-Dressed Man: I needed a suit- A drama in 4 panels. A 100% TRUE STORY

#40: Awards Bait: I think my Emmy was lost in the mail.

#41: Fantasyland: Genre fiction: Always solid quality.

#42: This is Our Country: The census results are in! Let’s take a look.

#43: Don’t Tell Anyone: Important questions, answered (?!)

#44: This Week in History II: A little bit of the truth that they’ve been hiding.

#45: Let’s Talk About Travel: Some more advice from our friend Dick “Richard” Johnson.

#46: Trains, Trains, and Trainamotrains: Europe, Everyone! It’s different.

#47: Hey, Jealousy: Sluts, sluts everywhere.

#48: Jack of No Trades: We learn a lesson about dabbling.

#49: Spin Cycle: Enter the CONSERVAZONE, where we tackle the ISSUES.

#50: Blind Date: The re-return of T. Saurus.

#51: Loving the Alien: Time for a journey across the pond! More or less.

#52: We The People: Spend some quality time with some historical figures.

#53: Letters to the Predator: Coming soon to a comic book store, whatever those are, near you!

#54: This Week in History III: In which we remember how Archaeology was ruined from the get-go.

#55: Punchline: It’s hotter than metaphors out there.

#56: Playing nice: I contain my frothy, horrible rage.

#57: Persistence: Patience is a virtue, or something.

#58: Purple Prose: The trouble with language.

#59: Let’s Dance: Sexy Nature Time.

#60: Black Math: Teaching the Controversy.

#61: Electioneering: Writing checks, cashing them.

#62: Surf Rider: DAMN TEENS.

#63: The Road Less Traveled: Did you know that the Explorers Club still exists? IT DOES.

#64: A Children’s Treasury of Creation Myths III: Tackling the Norse.

#65: The Argument: The irresistible pull of a moron on the internet.

#66: Backlash, Forwardlash, And You: The history of mankind, condensed for your pleasure.

#67: Debate Club: The not-so-distant future of politics.

#68: Agreed!: We venture into the land of TV tropes, and switch some around.

#69: No New Wave No Fun: An Escape Plan.

#70: Science Fiction: The REAL FACTS about Science! Read if you dare.

#71: No Children: Seriously, no children. Ever.

#72: DEADLOCK: Things get dangerous up on the Hill.

#73: The Sporting Life: Getting deep with some athletes.

#74: What is Hip?: Getting to the root of hipsterdom.

#75: Sit-in: More TRUE STORIES. This week: I try to go to a normal person comedy show.

#76: Season’s Greetings: A return to Traditional Christmas Values.

#77: Every Day Should be a Holiday: Real Holiday Stories! This week: Channukah.

#78: This Week in History IV: Set sail with young Charles Darwin.

#79: 30th Century Man: The perils of time travel.

#80: I Like Food: On the phenomenon of “cool” food.

#81: Golden Years: YOUTH CULTURE. Ugh, right?

#82: End of the Movie: It’s awards season! Let’s all wallow in it.

#83: Slow Country: Perrrrrrriooooodddd draaaaamaaaasss teeeeennnddd tooooo moooovveeee sloooowwwllllyyy