Cryptids! I was obsessed with them as a kid. Obsessed to the point where I really, really honestly believed that I was going to be the one to finally catch Nessie. Also I was scared of the woods because of Bigfoot, even though we were in New England (and also Bigfoot isn’t real. Pedantics!)

My favorite part is, is that this sort of thing used to get taken pretty dang seriously. Though, I suppose that’s gotta be the way back then. Because if someone sailed to the other side of the world and wrote you a hilarious letter about a platypus, the guy occasionally came home with one, and then who’s the jerk, it’s you.

ANYWAYS, this drawing is also going to a print, in the store, that is the main reason I drew it. I’ll probably have it done sometime next week, so get excited, dudes! See you Monday.