So I went and saw a production of Death of a Salesman the other night, and it was really moving and Phillip Seymour Hoffman as Willie Loman was incredible. But anyways, I was also feeling a bit under the weather and took some “nighttime cough syrup” that is designed to just absolutely destroy you so you can sleep. And in a pre-sleeping, post-syrup madness, I started thinking about a modern version of the play, and it’s probably just some guy lamenting he didn’t have enough facebook friends.

Then again, I hope it’s just a function of how humanity works, that people are just longing for art that was made before they were born. Maybe 60 years from now, some guy will be weeping over the quality of some random guy’s blog, bemoaning the state of current 3-D-hyper-super-net culture. I’m so sick of holographic post-memes, how about you guys