And then: His pancreas was used to create lampshades, and his liver was used to make LEGO-brand building bricks, his eyeballs made that comfy chair in the living room that you aren’t allowed to sit on why is that thing called the living room, anyways?

His skin was used to make the circus tents that travel across our great lands. His toenails were used to make surfboards. His knuckle joints were used to create tablecloths, or something. His hair was made into marsupials. His veins were made into the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority. His tonsils were made into adorable Welsh Corgi puppies. His nostrils were made into a fiiiiine sippin’ whiskey. His knees were made into those little tables you see in pizza boxes.

His lymph-nodes were made into facebook. I COULD GO ALL DAY.