So I was doing some reading on the Rosetta Stone, and it turns out when they (re)discovered the thing, it was being used to shore up the walls of a fort. The French would use old temples as quarries for the Expeditionary Army. And after they found it? The first thing they did was cover it in ink. Science! I took an Archaeology class in college (that makes me an expert) and I think we spent 95% of the time lamenting how much Archaeologists of the past just fucked things up irreversibly. This one guy, I think it was Howard Vyse, would just explode his way into whatever he was trying to get in to. I want to write a graphic novel about him travelling through time, ruining various scholarly pursuits throughout human history.

One time when I was young, my family visited some cousins in England, and I got to see the Rosetta Stone. I remember reaching out and touching the thing. Why didn’t anyone stop me? I guess it was the 1990’s and nobody gave a shit about anything, the end.