I think because everyone has always thought that I was so cool- nay, the coolest, I’ve never understood why people try so hard to be liked! It’s easy, folks.

Some easy tips to follow, if you’re gonna be that coooool fella or lady-fella like THE MAN (me):
-DON’T put much effort into anything. People hate when too much care is put into things!
– DON’T allow yourself to become a horrific, lumbering mass of self doubt, proclaiming your inadequacy to anyone and anything within earshot. This is evidently a turn-off!
– DON’T let small issues you have with other people or the world at large consume you, Cuscuta-like, until you are a rotting husk, smiling and nodding yourself slowly to death. Instead, why not try being the life of the party?

See everyone Mondayyyy