If you hadn’t guessed already, that was the end of our story. It was a total blast to draw and write, and interact with all of you guys out there. The last 2+ years have taught me an invaluable amount about making comics, and I appreciate everyone that came along for the ride with me. The site will stay up, so people can read all they like, and any recommendations to friends would absolutely be appreciated.

OKAY: So what’s next?
I am going on vacation, and you cannot stop me. When I get back, I’m immediately starting work on a NEW comic, which I hope you guys will like even more. That will start, I imagine, in a few months, definitely by the fall. I want to really put the work into it ahead of time and do this thing up right.
Also, if you hadn’t already noticed, I’ve been running more comics at Please Listen to Me every Friday, and that will continue for the foreseeable future, so stay tuned there. That’s also the best shot at seeing any updates from me on new projects.

ANYWAYS, here are some more places you can watch for updates, if you’re into it:
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OR my personal site

Thanks for reading! Again, I really appreciate it.